Drag Click - The Beginner's Guide To Gaming
Drag clicking technique has become extremely prevalent in Minecraft and Roblox, but it fast found its use in many other games.
The most useful part - learning how to drag click isn’t as hard as it may seem.
Of course, obtaining the knack of it won’t necessarily create you a better player right away. It carries some practice.
Once you do master it, it will enhance your performance across multiple different games. Not only that, but it could also support you in going through some tedious tasks faster.
So, how do you do that? And what is a drag-clicking test?
We’ll cover it all in this post.

What Is Drag Clicking?

It’s just what it sounds like. You move your finger from side to side across the mouse button. In that method, you induce more clicking because of the friction between the surface of the mouse.
This friction occurs due to the vibrations taken from the button, and the game records it with more than one click.
When performed perfectly, drag clicking can support you achieve
even up to 32 clicks per second or CPS.
In most games, additional clicks can bring you multiple benefits.
For example, in Minecraft, you can use this tactic to place several blocks at one time. When performing on large buildings, bridges, and other constructions, this can come in handy.

How To Drag Click?

Drag Click Test
First, it’s essential to understand that drag clicking isn’t only dragging your finger across the button. Your mouse and the tape you choose to use also play a role.
But let’s bring it one step at a time - how to drag click?
The first step is to confirm your mouse is clean. Inspect the surface for sweat and dust and if you see any, remove it. Sweat and dust can produce frictional interference.
In extra, you have to wipe your hand to avoid keeping your finger slipping. You should also keep your hand dry when dragging.
If your fingers get sweaty while playing a game, you can apply tape to the button. In some cases, this hack also works when your mouse lacks friction.
The next step includes placing your hand on the mouse as you commonly would. This means your thumb moves on the left side while your ring and little finger are defending it from the right. In addition, your middle finger sits on the left button and your index finger on the right button.
Once you’ve accomplished that, it’s time to click and drag.
It is necessary to flick your wrist at an angle while pressing the button in a downward direction. If you push too hard, however, the motion won’t be useful. It’s essential to click gently and only let your finger glide towards the front portion of the mouse.
Depending on how many CPS you want to succeed, you can go for a full drag or stop at the middle of the button. Once you know how to extend drag click, stopping at a specific point will become the second character.
When you’re accomplishing it for the first time, it might take a few takes to acquire the hang of it, though.
If you handle to do it right, you should listen to a grinding noise reaching from the mouse. Also, you’ll feel a slight shaking underneath your finger.
You can check if you acted accurately by running a drag-click test. If you utilize the RapidTable click counter feature, it’ll show you precisely how many clicks you produced in one motion.
You can also load a game like Minecraft and drive a drag-clicking test yourself. Simply enter the build mode and try putting several blocks at once with this method. Make sure you’re driving as you build since your positioning can influence how much space is left.
It’s essential to note that the average gamer has a CPS of 6.51. Use that as a base stat if you want to approximate how your CPS has enhanced when drag clicking.
Of course, you’ll also require a good drag-clicking mouse, but more on that after.


Now that you know how to create your mouse drag click, you’re ready to learn all about the benefits.
When you think about it, the benefits of drag clicking are fairly obvious. You’ll get more hits or whatever the game needs.
For example, let’s examine Minecraft (again).
Let’s guess you’re building a big bridge. With the traditional approach, you’d only be able to position blocks one by one. Thanks to drag clicking, however, you reach to put several pieces at once.
You can also see what YouTuber Intel Edits achieved when testing the impact of CPS on PvP.
The results displayed that more clicks result in additional hits and less knockback damage. Maintain in mind that this project relied on bots to test more elevated CPS. A human player may be more qualified of taking the benefit of extra clicks.


As you might’ve imagined, there is no excellent solution.
Firstly, most manufacturers didn’t make mouses for the objective. Even if you have a good mouse for drag clicking, this method still poses some risk to it.
Most of the time, a high-quality mouse will be capable to last longer than budget ones. But even the costly options are not drag-click-proof.
Furthermore, trusting on the game, drag clicking may be viewed as cheating.
Some Minecraft servers don’t want PvP players to have any kind of competitive benefit over their competitors. Or they just don’t want to risk allowing someone to use hacks and other tools for cheating that can be disorientated with drag clicking.
The list of servers that may ban you from using this method includes Hypixel, SaicoPVP, Mineplex, еtc.
Some don’t necessarily prohibit drag clicking, but they have a powerful policy against auto-clicking. They ban any players they think are doing something suspicious. And they can’t always differentiate between these two methods.
There’s no point in bringing the best drag-clicking mouse and learning how to achieve this method if you aren't able to do it.
When selecting a Minecraft server to play on, check population, grief protection, server hosting provider, and most significantly - the rules.

Best Mouse for Drag Clicking

Best Mouse For Drag Clicking
Not all mouse help drag clicking.
In some instances, it’s not possible to gain the friction required for multiple clicks to be recorded. You have to discover one that can handle the stress of drag clicking. Otherwise, you might be transmitting your mouse to an early grave.
If you stumble upon how to drag click on any mouse guides, you have to be additional careful with it.
So, which mouse can handle this method and improve your CPS effectively?
Here are three remarkable options:
Glorious Model O
If you browse the Web when exploring for the best drag-clicking mouse, it’s not possible not to come across Glorious Model O.
This lightweight corded gaming mouse has been developed to feel like a wireless one. In extra, it has a sturdy honeycomb shell that maintains your hand cool.
Besides being lightweight and looking amazing, this model is excellent for drag clicking. The matte version delivers just the right amount of friction required for achieving higher CPS.
The glossy option isn’t as useful, and I don’t suggest it for this trick.


Another challenger for the best mouse for drag clicking award - is ROCCAT Kone AIMO.
It has been developed with gamers needing high CPS in mind. So, even if you don’t employ the drag method, you will enhance your implementation. It also lets you change DPI and use buttons normal mouse don’t have.
The good news is that it can also be utilized for drag clicking and achieving even higher CPS.
ROCCAT Kone AIMO is also extremely durable. At 4.6 ounces, however, it’s also on the bulkier side, and some additional durability is hoped.

Redragon M711 Cobra

Compared to other mice, the Dragon M711 Cobra is relatively inexpensive. It’s a famous option among gamers. Most significantly, it passes the clicker speed test when employing the drag method.
The matte grip means you can effortlessly use the trick. In extra, there’s a choice to select between several various DPIs.
Despite being budget-friendly, this mouse does not appear to be so. It features vibrant LEDs that give it a gaming appearance. The build is also awesome.
Overall, Redragon M711 Cobra is an excellent option for when you’re examining a drag-clicking mouse, and don’t enjoy spending a fortune.

Best Tape for Drag Clicking

Earlier, I noted that tape could support your drag click. It’s a good sweat-barrier.
But what’s the most useful tape for drag clicking?
There are several options you might want to believe getting:

Silicone Grip Tape

Silicone Grip Tape has been made to make getting a grip on something more effortless. That’s exactly what you require when drag-clicking. It’s effortless to get, and if you get inventive, you can even make it fit your mouse correctly.
It’s a bit more costly than traditional electrical tape, but it’s also more useful.

Razer Tape
Razer is a large fish in the gaming world. So, it’s no shock its tape is one of the most OK on the market. With the Razer tape, you’ll gain a much more useful grip.
The only downside to this drag-clicking tape is that it may not be that useful on non-Razer standards.

Electrical Tape

Sometimes, electrical tape can be a wonderful, easy solution. It’s a multiple affordable option, and you can obtain it in any hardware store.
It isn’t as useful as tape developed specifically for a gaming mouse, and it doesn’t look as nice, though.


Drag clicking is a superb way to improve your CPS. You will immediately see a boost in your performance scores.
You can know how to drag click effortlessly, just be careful to select a proper mouse. Some simply can’t take the stress of this method.
Once you have the correct tool, all it brings is a little exercise and your enemies don’t stand a chance.

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